President's Address for 2023

Moordown Bowling Club President 2023 - Theresa Lewis

Welcome to Moordown Bowling Club, I’ve been a member for seven years and I’m as excited about the new season as I was in my first year.

For those who know me I count the days until we are on the green again. I am honoured to be your president for the coming season and look forward to spending time with our members old and new.

I’m very proud of our club which is both friendly and welcoming and we particularly enjoy meeting and playing against visiting clubs.

We are lucky to have a committee who work hard to ensure the smooth running of the club who are more than willing to give up their time and are a great support to me personally.

I would encourage everyone to take part in as many club competitions and special events such as the Lily Lynex and the Bruno Dressel, all information is available either in the diary or on the boards in the club house.

It is also important to support our club in the league if you are available to play.

This club is very close to my heart, I’ve made some good friends and it really has been life changing for me.

I will do everything I can to make the coming season a happy, safe and a successful one!

So, to all members full or associate, happy bowling see you on the green.

Theresa Lewis
President 2023

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