President's Address for 2024

Moordown Bowling Club President 2024 - Ken Clothier

Hi to all members, I hope you are all looking forward to the 2024 season. I must admit to being somewhat surprised when I was asked to consider being vice President and therefore President the year after. I thought it a considerable honour to be asked and accepted after a little mulling over. It’s a three-year commitment after all.

I joined the club in 2014 along with Thelma for something we could do together and haven’t looked back since. I didn’t know I had a competitive streak in me, it’s surprising what the game can bring out in people. The club has always had a friendly atmosphere and we were welcomed and encouraged to join in with the various competitions and leagues as our game improved. The old adage “practise makes perfect“ never being truer.

The social side of the club has been interesting with various evening entertainments through the season laid on by the members. Particularly well thought of were our end of season bowls weekends away around the southern counties, now unfortunately too expensive to continue with. Hopefully the costs will come down in the near future.

Any club is only as strong as its membership and having lost in the region of 20 during the covid shutdown we need to encourage new people to join. To that end our open day is a great way to introduce any friends or family to the game. They are also welcome at our Monday Club nights if they just want to see what the games about and have a go. For the more experienced players the men have two Saturday afternoon league teams, the ladies have two Thursday afternoon league teams. We also have four Tuesday evening mixed triples league teams. For those that would prefer to play Saturday mornings we have the mixed triples team that also plays in a league. We also have our internal club competitions.

So, there are plenty of ways to get involved and pit yourself against players from ours and other clubs to hopefully improve your game.

We also welcome many visiting teams from around the country to our club for friendly games each year. Many returning on a regular basis to enjoy our hospitality. In return we visit some of those clubs that are more local. These are always fun days out whether we go by car or coach and well worth signing up for. What all clubs need is willing volunteers to help at events and to stand for the various positions needed to keep the club running – so - please step forward and offer to help. Prior knowledge is not always necessary it’s the enthusiasm to get involved that is appreciated. In conclusion I would like to say no matter what your skill levels, get involved. If you are not sure about anything, ask. We are all happy to help and encourage our members both new and old.

Ken Clothier
President 2024

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